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Let's Fight COVID-19

Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, we have decided to promote families who are dependent on daily wages. We have decided to embark on a dual mission that would empower these families with income and at the same time keep a supply of a much needed protective masks to the masses at a nominal cost and to the less-privileged for free of cost. This would help them to earn a living amidst this crisis to buy food for immunity and support a hygienic life-style. These masks adhere to scientific standards recommended by Centre for Development of Appropriate Social Technologies (CAST) of Jadavpur University. This is a unique low-cost technology that makes the mask impenetrable to droplets that could arise out of sneezes and breath of people around you.

The mask has a 3-LAYERED DESIGN with a DROPLET RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY that can be made at a VERY LOW COST and is also WASHABLE and RE-USABLE.

Why Is This Important

Several daily wagers who have lost their income due to the pandemic and they need to earn a living to buy food for boosting immunity and support a hygienic life-style. The rest of the society is in dire need of proper masks that are NOT for a false sense of security like most available in the market.

What Are We Doing?

We are providing them raw materials to start manufacturing protective face masks and connecting them with interested NGOs and business owners who are willing to buy at minimal costs. In this way they're able to make money to buy more raw materials and save enough for their family. We'll be dispatching free masks to the underprivileged and would also encourage NGOs to come forward and buy masks from these families to distribute it for free at other locations.

What Can You Do?

If you're an NGO / Social Worker / Bulk buyer and interested to buy protective masks, get in touch with us and we can connect you to such families who can sell you masks at very cheap bulk rates. Contact us on Messenger or CLICK HEREĀ  TO CONTACT US.

Check out the difference in this video

Demonstration of the Protective Mask designed by CAST vs. normal cotton masks in the market. The water droplets don't pass through the mask surface when made with appropriate material and design. Whereas, normal cotton masks that are available in the market are inadequate to protect you from droplets of sneeze and breath.


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