Mission Amphan

Mission Amphan

As most of West Bengal is still struggling to restore power and connectivity, we have started getting news/images of the devastation caused by Amphan in the southern part of the state. There have been breaches in the dam on the Kalindi river and coupled with the devastation caused by Amphan, acres of agricultural lands have been destroyed. While rehabilitation seems a distant dream, most villages are out of the basic essentials – food, clean water and hygiene.



People in our network are constantly surveying the affected areas and are coordinating with respective Block Development Officers and other associated people to identify the most vulnerable families and understand their needs.

NORTH 24 PARGANA – Hingalganj, Sandeshkhali, Singherkati

SOUTH 24 PARGANA – Canning, Basanti, Kakdwip, Namkhana, Patharpratima


The First Distribution Drive

May 28, 2020

We had a successful drive catering to the victims of Amphan at Madhavkati village in Hingalganj, North 24 Parganas. It would not have been possible without the support and trust we received from all the well-wishers and our exuberant team of groundworkers.

3.2 Tonnes of relief materials provided to 300 families

Horlicks Milk Powder § Sattu § Cheera § Chola § Batasha § Zeoline § Sanitary Napkins § Masks § ORS § Bleaching Powder


Watch this short video of our first distribution drive


The Second Distribution Drive

June 2, 2020

We jumped on boats to reach Rangabelia Island in the interiors of The Sunderbans as this place is not accessible through any regular transport. BiLoopTo understands the hygiene requirements of women from such affected regions and reached out to them with essentials to ensure their health stays intact. A social initiative called the “Rangeen Khidki ” had helped us procure the essentials which will last a month for each individual.

Watch this short video of our distribution

The Third Distribution Drive

June 6-8 , 2020

Surpassing all natural and human barriers, Team Biloopto – Biloopto- A Charitable Initiative was able to reach out to Rupamari, Situlia and Puijali villages in the farthest depths of the Sundarbans, which are completely cutoff from land access, with relief material for about 500 families. We were supported in this journey by our partner NGO, Sopan and their highly efficient team. We were also carrying women’s kits donated by Rangeen Khidki Foundation which we distributed among the beneficiaries.
We thank all our patrons for all the support.

7.45 tonnes of relief material distributed to 500 families

Basic medicines, Women’s sanitation products (sanitary pads, underwear, soaps, washes, etc), Baby food, Nutrient supplements, Bleaching powder, Alum (fitkari), Slaked Lime (chuna), Potassium Permanganat. 25Kg rolls of thick HDPE sheets for reconstruction of roofs of affected homes.

Watch this short video of our distribution


Based on the feedbacks that we have received from our ground network and respective Block Development Officers, we are targeting to reach the interiors of The Sunderbans where there is no connectivity by roads. These areas are half submerged in water with nowhere to walk, only boats can be used. Our packages will contain food ration, nutritional supplements and essential items for an even larger number of families.




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