Gift a Mask

It was a pain to see so many daily wagers loosing their means of earning. Evidently, the daily wagers skilled needs work and people of our country needs protective masks. We decided to setup seed fund for these needy people so that they can buy raw materials to make masks and sell them to earn a profit for themselves with which they can buy food for their family & support their basic hygiene. The technology of the mask is unique and has been designed by the Centre for Development of Appropriate Social Technologies (CAST) of Jadavpur University. It’s a 3-layered, hydrophobic and reusable design that can be produced at a very low cost, thereby making it affordable to a huge section of our population. Another example of frugal economic prowess of India. Naturally, a lot of NGOs are showing their interest to buy these cheap yet droplet-proof masks and we gladly connect them with these families who are producing the masks with our seed fund. They are becoming self-dependent and helping us weave our dream of empowering people. We have also connected with our Alumni base of Jadavpur University in India as well as in foreign countries and have urged them to donate mask to the needy people so that we can keep the concern going at a higher scale.